From June 2024: the new CREATE study

Peace and quiet translated into textile design: We'll soon reveal what that can look like. Everything else about our joint design studies with rohi is already available – just a click away.

Discover the world of ANKER

For us, carpeting is not just a floor covering. For us, it is versatile, it has character – on the outside as well as on the inside. That's why we continue to develop our collections and create new designs.

We also develop and optimize its functional side. From the yarn to the back coating. And thus ensure better acoustics, sustainability, and well-being. To create unique textile floor coverings.


From yarn to backing. From production to recycling. From Düren to the rainforest. Sustainable materials, processes and measures determine our day-to-day work – and the development of our textile floor coverings.

Why? Because we have set ourselves the goal of producing our carpets in the most resource-friendly way possible. We are committed to this every day. And we have already achieved quite a lot.