Since 1854 always one #innovation  AHEAD

Anyone who clings on to the past will be ill-equipped to welcome what’s to come. We at ANKER, however, want to help shape the future and blaze a trail when it comes to innovation, sustainability, and design. Not just for the sake of short-term success, but permanently.

This is why we work on our products and the presentation of our brands until we have perfected them—and are proud of the result. As with PERLON RIPS​​​​, for instance. Or our RUG collection VITURA, the CREATE studies for the aviation industry, or the new corporate identity.


„We also think outside the box“

By the way: For instance, we’re working with our partner OFC to tap into the Asian market – and, while we’re at it, increasing our range of carpet tiles.

Whatever we do, there has always been one overriding consideration: quality. Of our service and our textile floorings. After all, happy and satisfied customers are at least as important to us as the many special developments and projects we’ve seen through together.

That is the goal of our work and our commitment. Together with our subsidiaries. Both in and at different locations, but always together. As one team.


years of expertise, innovation, and experience


looms—22 Dobby and 11 Jacquard machines. Making us the largest pile-weaving mill. Throughout Europe.


million m² of Perlon Rips since 1959


ha company premises—with roughly 80 percent (nearly 250,000 m²) dedicated as a habitat for flora and fauna.