Made by Family The fact that we integrate social responsibility for our employees, the Düren region and our partners into our corporate activities is more than just a theoretical guiding principle for us.

At ANKER, it is a natural course of action that the founding Schoeller family has always followed – and it continues to do so today.

What began with the establishment of schools, a health insurance fund for workers and a pension fund grew to comprise foundations, social housing and the furthering of education and culture. A large number of charitable institutions founded by the Schoeller family still exist today, such as the Anna Schoeller House for the Blind or the Schenkel-Schoeller Foundation. And we remain committed to these endeavors.




With Vera Ahlemann-Schoeller († 21.04.2024) – the last owner of company shares before they were transferred in full to Dong Zhou and his own family company OFC – and through her foundation, the Schoeller family still dedicates itself to supporting the blind, both in Africa and in Düren, by setting up schools and clinics and providing aid to develop medical and occupational rehabilitation measures for those newly afflicted with blindness, as well as to integrate sufferers into society.

We have recently expanded this idea of inclusion by not only cooperating with rehab companies for the production of our sample folders, but also by taking part shift change exchange program. In this way, our employees can gain insights into the work of people with disabilities and vice versa.


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As a company, ANKER supports a large number of projects and institutions

For example, by donating carpets to daycare centers, by working with Caritas and by helping with aid transports for Ukraine organized by the Protestant community in Düren, in addition to sponsoring the Inde Triathlon and taking part in corporate run in Düren, which collects donations for regional projects. ANKER is also a co-founder of the RUR sewage treatment plant and has made parts of its nature reserve available to the public as a recreation area.