Innovations – the Alpha and Omega of Our Carpets

Whether it’s design, structure, or texture, innovating new products and further developing old ones are the order of our day. It’s no big surprise then that they are the Alpha and Omega for us. At our company, this, however, doesn’t only pertain to the essentials, but also the aahs and oohs. For surprising and informative moments. In terms of the touch and feel, properties, effects, indoor environment, atmosphere, and much more.

We provoke aahs and oohs in many different ways: for example, with our functional back coatings, the production process, or the materials and raw materials employed. For us, they have to be as sustainable as possible. In order to make carpets that aren’t only visually appealing, but that also offer added value.

After all, no matter where architecture is combined with sophisticated design and high-traffic use, our carpets demonstrate what they’re capable of: outstanding functionality and quality. Always and anywhere. For impeccably designed rooms, for true work and life companions.

Get ready to aah and ooh.