Sustainability comes first Ecology, recycling and environmental compatibility are important components of our corporate strategy. 

After all, our goal is to produce our textile floor coverings in the most resource-efficient and socially responsible way possible.

That is an ambitious goal. And we know: There is still a lot of work to be done before it can be fully implemented. From the production of raw materials to their recycling. That is why we are committed to the development, research, promotion and support of new approaches to material recyclability and conservation

Ultimately, we are driven by the goal of sustainable production – every day anew.


Rethinking the use
  of raw materials


Use more recycled materials in order to consume fewer raw materials: 

Following this principle, we are constantly seeking for ways and opportunities to make our textile floor coverings, backing constructions and fiber materials more environmentally friendly. Whether through product innovation or by improving the tried and true. We have always been committed to recycling and the use of high quality recyclates, making us the first European carpet manufacturer to do so.

We begin with the yarn in order to reduce emissions and conserve natural resources early in the production chain. And that several times over.

To dye or not to dye


We switched from piece dyeing to solution dyeing wherever possible. 

This not only saves energy and CO2, but also valuable fresh and waste water. This is because the subsequent wet dyeing process, which is necessary when vat dyeing raw white yarns, is no longer required. As is the usual heating process for dyeing systems. The process also makes it possible to produce extremely durable products. This is because the pigments are incorporated into the fibers rather than being deposited on the outside of the yarn.

As a result, this keeps them UV resistant, easy to clean and fade resistant. We are already producing 80 percent of our textile floor coverings with yarns dyed in the solution process.

SolutionDyed Logo

Not difficult at all


We have introduced another sustainable measure with Econyl®.

And we do so with complete conviction. The special fiber has been used in the production of our carpets since 2012. But not only that: We were an early supporter of Aquafil's environmentally friendly yarn, and have supported its development ever since.

The special thing about Econyl®: Not only is it completely recyclable, it is also made from 100 percent recycled fibers. This includes from pre- and post-consumer waste such as old nylon fishing nets, carpets and other polyamide product residues. The nylon produced in this way is not only better for the environment, but also has the same properties as newly produced nylon made from crude oil. In comparison, it saves up to 90 percent of greenhouse gases, 70 percent of crude oil and 65 percent of CO2 during the production process. For a premium polymer, Econyl® is therefore a pretty smart alternative. We think so.



made from recycled polyamid with Econyl® yarns


less greenhouse gases in the production of Econyl® yarns


less crude oil consumption in the production of Econyl® yarns

Impeccable quality


High-quality materials – that's what we value. That’s because they make our textile floor coverings durable without harming the environment.

To ensure this, we do extensive testing of our carpets in our own laboratory. With regard to their pollutant levels and their respective use. This way their quality, sustainability and environmental compatibility are guaranteed.

One of our commitments is to comply with the REACH regulation, which lists limit values for substances that may pose health hazards. And we do not use any VOCs or DEHP. This is confirmed by the CE marking and the PRODIS product passport that our textile floor coverings have. Just like our EPDs and EN 14041 certification.

As a founding member of GUT and a community member of the Cradle to Cradle products innovation institute, we are also actively involved in the production of sustainable carpets. With Haptura, for example, we offer the first certified, fully recyclable collection for use in public and commercial buildings. And in the aviation sector, our Airlight® Eco is currently the most recyclable aircraft carpet available.



For us, production starts with recycling, as this conforms to the idea of the circular economy.

We therefore recycle all yarn waste from polyamide material during production. Aquafil collects these and processes them into Econyl® fibers, which are then reused in our carpets.

Our other carpet waste is downcycled by specialized companies into a variety of plastic products. Shear dust, which is produced during various refining processes, is also used as a filler in the construction industry.

For items that are unable to be recycled due to the inability to separate materials by type, thermal recycling is currently the best solution for textile floor coverings. The heating value of synthetic carpet is similar to that of heating oil. And it can therefore be burned to generate energy.

For air,
  water and soil


In addition to product sustainability, we are also committed to directly protecting the environment.

By maintaining and protecting our 25-hectare fauna-flora habitat area. By funding the reforestation of trees in the Hürtgen Forest and campaigning for the preservation of rainforests. And thus promoting the reduction of CO2.

As a long-standing partner of Aquafil, we also support the “Healthy Seas” initiative. This was founded by Aquafil, Star Sock and the NGO Ghost Diving to combat the problem of ghost fishing. Healthy Seas collects discarded fishing nets and ensures that these valuable resources are processed into Econyl® yarn. Healthy Seas is also dedicated to raising awareness about the pollution of the oceans and how to prevent it.

All of these measures have a long-term focus. They stand for sustainable concepts and a commitment to tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And beyond.