A solid thread

through all times

PLANIM, Color 503

About us All living and working spaces perfectly designed – who wouldn’t want that?

To not just feel comfortable in them, and to be able to really unleash your full potential. This is why, since 1854, our mission has been to make not just carpets but companions to enhance your life. Both at work and at home, as they are above all: durable, hard-wearing and of the highest quality. Our carpets have also been awarded with internationally renowned design prizes. On several occasions. After all, quality has always been our top priority. For broadloom as well as for tiles, planks and rugs. It is not without good reason that our textile floor coverings are used all over the world (and in various scenarios and areas of application).


“Always where people live and work.”

From design classics to customized developments and to functional solutions:

We produce our collections and innovative concepts in a resource-conserving and sustainable way. This is quite simply a matter of course for us. And so is our striving for their recallability. Therefore, we use only the highest-quality materials. Because we are set upon helping to shape the future and making a positive contribution.

And because we have been doing this successfully for over 170 years, we know what matters: tradition, and a feel for the challenges of tomorrow. That is why we have also had a strong partner at our side since 2020: OFC, our parent company, which is also family-owned. Together, we are opening up new markets and expanding our product range. For even more modern, trend-setting flooring.

With our innovative carpets, architects, planners, designers, and go-getters hold the ideal prerequisites in their hand to create uniquely beautiful spaces. Adaptable and adjustable, in both function and form, to the user’s purpose and needs. This is because be it in public buildings, offices, airplanes, cars, hotels, or anywhere else: our carpets are adding real value in terms of quality. Anywhere, where people live and work.

ANKER carpets – simply everywhere.



Our mission is to develop high-quality carpeting produced in a resource-saving manner, and for all areas of professional and private life.


Our vision is to offer high-quality textile floor coverings worldwide for all living and working areas, and to fulfil all purposes. Our products are manufactured in a resource-saving way, and are 100% recyclable. Be it at home, on the plane, in the office or hotel – where there are people, there is ANKER.



We possess the courage to be trailblazers and drive innovative ideas forward.


We demonstrate the competence to produce textile floor coverings in a resource-saving way, and at the highest technical level possible. We encourage knowledge sharing and build on great ideas. We are characterized by a thirst for research, and are prepared to follow new and unfamiliar paths.


We strive to achieve the highest possible degree of quality and create flawless, durable textile floor coverings. We are attentive and diligent. We take setbacks as an incentive to improve.

Consciously aware

Our actions are characterized by “being consciously aware” and ensuring the fair treatment of employees, partners and customers, as well as the careful use of finite resources. We build on a spirit of togetherness in which we trust each other, are open to the world and embrace the principle of change. We see diversity and variety as an opportunity – and respect it accordingly.


We communicate and inform with honesty, we engage in open dialog. We take responsibility for our decisions and stand by them. We treat our partners and customers as equals.