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Less is 
Textile carpets for the aviation sector can be produced with more or less effort. With more weight, more material and resources, more energy and waste.

However, we have opted for less – and thus achieve more. Above all, more sustainability. Innovative, CO2-saving cabin interiors require smart, progressive solutions.

After all, protecting the environment is just as important to us as creating a feel-good atmosphere in the aircraft. We do a lot to achieve this. In terms of our processes and materials – for carpeting and accessories.


"The most sustainable thing we can do? Develop lightweight and durable carpet floors."

Quote by Bernd Zumbe
Head of Aviation ANKER

Getting there faster


Even if the development of our sustainable aviation carpets sometimes takes a little more time, we keep our production processes short.

Especially in terms of transportation, by keeping the supply chain short. We achieve this thanks to our in-house production and testing. This eliminates long distances between the spinning mill and laboratory, for example — which protects the environment and saves time.
We are also economical when it comes to the weight of our carpets. And the use of new resources — from the pile layer to the backing. With our Airlight® Eco, for example, we have developed a carpet that is 40 percent lighter than conventional textile floor coverings for aircraft. We have achieved this through an ingenious construction. In addition, its backing can be dissolved. This not only makes it recyclable — it also consists of up to 85 percent recycled materials. Currently, the highest possible.




recycled materials

Less fuss – more quality


We rely on Econyl® for the pile yarn for our textile floor coverings.

Incidentally, we have been using 100% recycled polyamide 6.6 for our aviation carpets since 2011 - the first manu­facturer ever to do so in the aviation industry. But that wasn't enough for us. That's why we only use yarns that are solution-dyed - which is a water-saving dying process. The dye par­ticles are absorbed into the fibers instead of being deposited on the outside. This makes our textile floor coverings color-fast and durable – and therefore particularly robust and sustainable.

This also applies to the wool we use. We have experimented and tried for a long time – pure new wool from New Zealand sheep is the most suitable for our carpets. Because it has the best initial quality for further processing. And it is extremely hard-wearing. To ensure that this high-quality natural fiber remains just that, we do not use any chemical additives. To get the best out of it.

Little effort


Speaking of removing:

We have also developed the appropriate accessories to ensure that replacing the carpet is straightforward and also saves resources. Like our SonicTape: once installed in the aircraft, the textile floor covering can be effortlessly laid again - and unnecessary waste avoided. Again and again.