my home

is my workspace

VITURA Terrazzo classic, Color 600 

New Times –
  New Work Concepts


Increased flexibility, independence of location, work-life balance: with hybrid working, part-time work and work from home, living and working spaces are merging more than ever. When is which one or the other – and where?

Despite many advantages, digital fatigue, limited creativity and social isolation can also lead to health problems. And if many offices are already badly furnished, this problem should be avoided at home all the more. All the more reason to optimize your own workspace.

Ideal Office Helper


VITURA Terrazzo graphic, Color 800

Quiet, clean, flexible, variable and pleasantly temperature-controlled – what more could you want in the workplace? 

Maybe some color and a more homely atmosphere. How practical that our textile flooring offers all these things!

Setting Boundaries


HATEMA KNIT, Color 805

Even when work and private life merge: boundaries are a must. 

Physically, mentally and, ideally, creatively, too. The optimum workplace setup starts under the desk or mobile pedestal. Because the floor also plays an important role, e.g., to set accents and to visually separate the work area from the rest of the living area. With textile floor coverings, you have an immense number of options to choose from.

Ideal Conditions


From the ergonomic chair and height-adjustable desk to the technology you need: ergonomic aspects are also important in the home office. 

Surprisingly, carpeting is a helpful ergonomic aid. Thanks to its heat-insulating properties, it keeps the room warm – but also your feet, which contributes to better posture. Back pain and neck tension are virtually a thing of the past. A functionally well-equipped and furnished workplace is thus particularly important for more creativity and productivity. And it's good for your health too.

Cozy Office


It is well known that natural daylight from the side is ideal for working environments. Combined with artificial light sources, good lighting conditions are guaranteed regardless of the time of day or season. 

Accent lighting also provides more comfort, making your home office into a cozy office.

Speaking of a cozy atmosphere: quality can be improved by plants, for example, a Dracaena, ivy or a rubber tree. Plants can liven up the office and contribute to better air quality. Carpeting also helps to create a better indoor climate – as a dirt and dust magnet, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. Another plus point of the textile office assistant: It optimizes the acoustics by damping noise and absorbing sound, resulting in more stillness and concentration for the “flow”.

  and Well-Being


One thing you should not forget for your home office: personality. 

After all, your home office doesn't have to be purely functional and sterile. On the contrary! Colors that have a positive effect on emotions, as well as personal objects and decorations, enhance the working environment and make the home office more homely. Anything that promotes personal well-being – thus awakening inspiration and creativity – is allowed. With numerous designs and color variations, carpeting is therefore an ideal way to personalize your home office.

From New Work
  to New Workspace


Carpeting has many advantages for the home office …

… but more and more traditional office spaces are also changing and becoming more flexible and agile in terms of use. As multi-spaces, they need to be inspiring and creative while also promoting calm and concentration. They need to be tailored to the respective needs and usage requirements.

All that is all possible with textile flooring. By providing zoning for various functional areas. By dampening noise and creating a feel-good atmosphere. Textile flooring not only adds value to the room – it becomes added value.