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One design and 63 colours – an infinite number of ways to create individual rooms. This is made possible by the combination of two modern classics: our PERLON RIPS Plain and the colour palettes of Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy.

This is made possible by the combination of two modern classics: our PERLON RIPS Plain and the colour palettes of Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy.

Like no other architect, Le Corbusier shaped modernism and designed a timeless colour system that is still used today – and like no other manufacturer of textile floor coverings, we have the rights from the licensor Les Couleurs Suisse AG to apply this to carpeting and implement it accordingly.

„Colour is a factor of our existence.“

Quote from Le Corbusier

„Polychromy is the most vibrant thing there is, and also the most modern.“

Quote from Le Corbusier

“Architectural Polychromy offers a holistic concept that has been established for decades and speaks the same language from the building envelope to the interior design.”

Quote from Marcus Reimann, managing director

Colourful Design


In Le Corbusier’s holistic view of architecture, colours were essential.

He considered colours themselves, colour harmonies and their effect on people and space to be just as important as floor planning, form and proportions. He used them for his designs and concepts as equally important, essential design components of both interior and living spaces. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he developed a universal colour system for architects, interior architects and designers. With his colour palette of 1931, which he expanded again in 1959. His famous Architectural Polychromy.

43 colour tones, divided into 14 series – one solid colour and up to four lighter shades of that same colour – were supplemented by twelve exemplary colour keyboards , whereby various colours came together to create certain atmospheres. Complemented by 20 more intense shades and another colour keyboard. A total of 63 shades that can create a wide variety of effects and moods – depending on the room and surroundings.

  and Effect


PERLON RIPS, Color 109

Each of the 63 shades creates different spatial effects and produces different characteristic reactions.

Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: They are all the colours of nature, coordinated and harmonizing with each other. And can therefore be flexibly combined with each other. Le Corbusier's colour keyboards are therefore by no means fixed. Rather, they are a source of inspiration. To find the right colour harmony that corresponds with that natural feeling.

PERLON RIPS LCS picks up on this design. With a precisely balanced proportion of gray. To reproduce the colours true to the original – and to ensure the greatest possible usability. From rolls and tiles, to loop piles and velour. For creative freedom and endless possibilities when designing interiors – but always harmoniously combined.

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Showing our True
   Colours Together



For a truly consistent and harmonious colour scheme in every detail of interior design – from light switches to windows and door hardware to wallpaper:

A large number of certified architectural and design products from international manufacturers have been developed on the basis of Architectural Polychromy. Always in partnership with Les Couleurs Suisse AG.