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SonicWave makes it possible for you to see as well as hear outstanding interior design.

The look and feel of office landscapes today is dominated by wide open spaces and structures made of steel, concrete, or glass. This is pleasing to the eye, and it makes the way we perceive the space more visually appealing and highlights the design-oriented interior—however, most of the time it also creates poor acoustics.

And what is known to help here? Carpet. But what is even more effective is carpet with SonicWave back coating. Because even when textile floor coverings are intrinsically good at absorbing sound, our SonicWave technology is capable of more. It insulates and absorbs more for greater tranquility.


The Best Base
for Effective 

… and for innovation and productivity and …

Quiet environments foster creativity and well-being – how good that our SonicWave Back curtails irritating noises. To the greatest degree. Thanks to its high-density acoustic fleece.

To ensure its tried-and-trueness, we had it tested. In accordance with EN ISO 354 for sound absorption, with EN ISO 10140-3/Appendix D for impact sound, and in compliance with EN ISO 717-2.

The result: The room acoustics weren’t only markedly improved, so was the work environment. Thus creating peace and quiet. The perfect foundation for ideas, thoughts, relaxation, and focussed discussions.



better αw value

 4 – 5 ×

Better sound absorption
between 500 and 1,000 Hz

Acoustic Peacemaker

Unlike smooth surfaces, carpet makes an excellent and porous sound insulator with significant absorption values. Due to its three-dimensional structure. Already vastly helping to improve the acoustic situation.

Better, however, isn’t good enough for us. In order to further streamline absorption, we’ve continued to optimize our carpets’ otherwise good sound properties.

And that has been instrumental: In comparison to standard carpets, SonicWave is far more effective at insulating sound impact and achieves a αw value that is up to 100% better. The absorption of sound is likewise higher. Four to times higher in the relevant speech frequency range of 500 to 1,000 Hz.

For peace and quiet all-around – basically the best feel-good acoustics can get.