Overview CARPETS

Our carpets – companions for all situations

When it comes to the textile flooring design, you shouldn’t just go with any old carpet, but the right one. Tailored to the environment, interior, and area of use.

We know that it’s not just design that plays a decisive role but also functionality. And that’s why we design carpets based on this. With our know-how and a focus on users. The result: modern, trendsetting collections as well as timeless classics. For you to be able to create spaces with added value. Rooms that make you feel good.

If you want, we will help you to select the perfect textile floor covering. We’ll show you what’s possible and what trends, variations, or alternatives exist. This is what we love to do in-depth. Whether you’ve already got a precise plan or want to be inspired, or whether you’re on the lookout for something new, retro, or current.

After all, the goal isn’t for you to get lost among sheet goods, tiles, planks, and rugs, but for you to find companions for work and life.