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Rooms that Make You Feel Good

Creative floor design isn’t only visually a success with FluidStop, it’s also hygienic.

Germs, bacteria, and dirt must be quickly and safely eliminated in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing facilities. Rooms designed with smooth, cold surfaces are perfect for this, but they compromise the comfort of occupants.

What unites cleanliness with comfort? Our hygienic carpeting. Its FluidStop backing makes pleasantly safe and maintenance-free environments possible. And thus ensures an unrivalled level of homelike cleanliness – in all situations.


Completely Sealed …


… and reliable and straightforward and …

A mishap can happen at any time – the FluidStop coating though makes it only half as bad. Because of the sophisticated sandwich technology.

The tuft backing with FluidStop coating and the textile cover fleece are continuously connected through a complex process. The special thing about it is that fluids cannot penetrate the back of the carpet or the subfloor.

And that doesn’t only mean that liquids stay on the carpet pile, where they can be quickly removed and neutralized. It also means odors are eliminated. The perfect starting point for even more hygienic conveniences.

Hygienic Assistant


In contrast to standard carpet, the FluidStop prevents liquids, moisture, and dampness from entering the textile floor covering.

Thereby leading to a significant improvement in cleanliness and livability in environments where hygiene is a must. To keep things like this over time, we’ve purposefully designed our FluidStop carpets to be entirely leak-proof but also durable and wear-resistant. And easy to clean.

All that is needed is to vacuum them daily. And if that is not enough, depending on the degree of soiling, our carpets can also be wet-cleaned, or bleach and disinfectants can be used. Without any problems.

Real hygiene – and a cozy interior design in the purest form.