Taking the tried and tested a step further


From zeppelin to airplane: we have developed our aviation solutions for the requirements of the aviation industry from the very beginning.

And we have done so comprehensively. Because whether textile floor coverings or accessories – our innovations always offer that little bit more comfort.

Flying carpets and their accessories are our specialty. Lufthansa was one of the first airlines to recognize that we are good at this back in the early 1960s. Since then, we have been constantly developing our textile solutions for the aviation industry. This not only results in groundbreaking innovations. We also set standards. For example, with the use of Econyl® for aviation carpets. In 2011, we were the first to use the recycled yarn.

Our innovations meet – or exceed – the high quality requirements of aviation safety standards. This is a matter of course for us. And one of the reasons why we are EN ISO 9100 certified.

“We create innovations every day: by developing individual customer requirements or proven qualities.”

Nina Leonhard
Product Development/Design

Trend-setting developments


Whether classic textile flooring or lightweight, made of wool, nylon or a blended fabric – our aviation carpets are very different, but all offer high quality.

And even more. In terms of functionality and materiality, durability and comfort.

We only use high-quality materials as a matter of principle. Wool from New Zealand, for example. This is the best quality for our woven fabrics. Our yarns are made from Econyl® - 100 percent recycled polyamide. As we also only use solution-dyed yarns, our carpets are not only UV-resistant and therefore color-fast - they are also robust and hard-wearing. As well as durable. All in all, this alone makes our (aviation) carpets sustainable.

“For our aviation carpets, we can offer an almost infinite number of weave constructions of jacquard and dobby – and that applies equally to wool, nylon and blended fabrics.”

Patrick Werner
Product Development/Design


Naturally good.

100 percent wool or a blended fabric: the ten different qualities of our Classic carpets are not only robust and durable, they also offer first-class walking comfort. And thanks to their natural fibers, they create a special indoor climate.


Minimum weight with maximum comfort.

We developed our AIRlight® carpeting to enable lightweight, CO2-reducing cabin interiors. Since 2012, the now ten different qualities have not only conserved resources, they are also particularly hard-wearing.

Our latest innovation: SonicWave® Air

Light and quiet.

With our latest development, we save twice as much – for noticeably more comfort. Because our SonicWave® Air carpet is not only one of our lightweights. With its special backing fleece, it also reduces impact sound by 10 percent and the general acoustics in the aircraft by up to 20 percent. But it has even more up its sleeve: for example, it is easy to install, trim and remove again. And as it does not fray, there is also no need for a backing.


Innovative carpeting – and that's that?

Not with us. We also think about how to attach it. For a reliable hold without slipping. For example, with our SonicTape: this hooks into the fleece coating of SonicWave® Air and thus ensures a permanent bond. Or with the double-sided adhesive tape from tesa. We may not have invented it, but we have successfully put it through its paces with our carpets.