A constant thread

throughout time

History A lot has happened in over 170 years of company history:

A wide variety of changes, setbacks, advances, innovations, and milestones. The way we see it, the most important event has not even happened yet. Because – without all that has happened – we would not be where we are today. Our company history – told in a nutshell.


“Founded in 1854 as Teppichkontor by Leopold Schoeller in the Rhineland town of Düren.”

Founded in 1854 as Teppichkontor by Leopold Schoeller in the Rhineland town of Düren, we have dedicated ourselves to the design of textile flooring in all its facets ever since. We have already achieved a number of successes in the process. Some examples are as follows: Our company founder was the first to introduce the Whytock warp dyeing process in Germany, our portfolio contained large-format broadloom and tufted carpets early on, and we have been active in the transportation sector since the golden 1920s – furnishing ships, trains and zeppelins – while we later also entered the building furnishing market with great success.

This foresight has been a core characteristic of the company from the very beginning – as well as its innovative strength, willingness to experiment and cooperative partnerships. These characteristics are still essential to our success today. After all, we are not only THE specialist for woven carpets that works with numerous internationally known architects, interior designers and other designers, but we also set standards throughout the industry in regard to innovation, materials, use of resources and design.

We are co-founders of GUT and Domotex and have worked with Bauhaus artists to put progressive textile designs into practice. We also created the famous carpet designed by Prof. Margret Hildebrand for the German Pavilion at the EXPO 1958 in Brussels. We introduced design classics such as Perlon Rips to the market and fitted the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin with carpeting. We developed displacement ventilation carpeting for the plenary chamber of the German Bundestag, were the first ever manufacturer of textile floorings to use Econyl® and we conducted pioneering design studies for the aviation industry. We …

Seen in this light, that's quite a lot. However, resting on our laurels is still out of the question for us. On the contrary: We have just as many plans for the next 170 years – after all, it's not for nothing that they say: ANKER carpets – simply everywhere!

Our company history can be read in more detail on Wikipedia – and in our portrait of the company's 150th anniversary.