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Secure Hold


Carpet is everything to us – or at least almost everything. We also think about the handling and installation process in the airplane. To prevent carpets from moving on the airplane floor, one or two aids are needed. And that we have: aviation-certified accessories.

Glued, hooked, serged – we have the right solution for every version. But we don't recommend just any solution – only those we have tested with our carpets. As a result, we can guarantee that our recommended accessories deliver what they promise.

Apart from our internal quality inspection, we also develop accessories ourselves or cooperate with well-known manufacturers. The decisive factor here is that it must meet the certification requirements of the aviation industry. From the double-sided adhesive tape to our special SonicTape or serging yarns.

Adhesive Tape (tesa)


Keeping it’s promise - and a hold on the floor. Double-sided adhesive tape keeps our carpets on the plane where it should stay: fixed on the floor.

Specially developed for use in airplane cabins, this mounting tape makes it quick and easy to replace carpets in the airplane – and to remove them again without leaving any residue. All thanks to its sophisticated design. As a result, the carpet can be repositioned easily during installation while maintaining a strong hold.

As this tape is also flame-retardant, halogen-free and ROHS- and REACH-compliant, it produces less smoke and fire gas toxicity in case of an emergency. A safe bet – in more ways than one.



Attach and take off flying – it's possible with our hook tape. Once installed in the airplane, our SonicWave® Air carpet can be laid with ease in a durable and, above all, non-slip manner. Permanently. Until the next necessary replacement.

Our hook tape is not only resistant to high temperatures, flame-retardant and resistant to aggressive chemicals, we have also tested it extensively.

Serging yarns


Serged edges do not only look nicer, but they also prevent carpet edges from unraveling – resulting tripping hazards.

We use warp yarns made from 100 percent Econyl® or recycled polyester. Processed and quality-tested in-house. For more comfort in everyday flying.