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Comfortably quiet, hygienically dry, magnetic and adhesive-free, perfectly ventilated, completely sustainable – that's what our carpets are. Thanks to their backings. Always adapted, always fitting. For greater room comfort.

When choosing the right carpet, it's not just design and texture that matter – the top and bottom are also important. Because textile flooring without backing would not be a complete carpet. After all, it’s the backing that ensures that the threads and yarns used in broadloom, tiles, planks and fitted carpets will last over time. This gives the textile floor covering stability – making it more durable, hard-wearing and robust, as well as more sustainable. But our backings can do even more: damping from footfall, sound and insulating against heat, for example.


We think ahead …


In order to be able to offer the best functional and innovative properties for carpets, we think even beyond their possible applications.

Through Pikumag, our subsidiary. The company specializes in backings, researching and developing them – for aviation and commercial carpeting alike. And since both Pikumag, and we apply the coatings to our textile floor coverings using our own equipment, we are certain that the backing will deliver what it promises.

Depending on the use and area of application of the textile floor covering, different requirements apply to the backings, what do they all have in common? They are sustainable, offer soft comfort, and are suitable for allergy sufferers and dampen noise. But what we offer that others do not: special solutions. Like our magnetic tiles – they adhere magnetically and without glue. Or FluidStop, our waterproof broadlooms. Or our Fresh Air solutions: air-permeable carpeting.

Our backings at a glance:

System – simply our standard

Basically 70 percent recycled content in the tile backing – which for us is standard. Because we believe that even the ordinary should be of high quality.

And with broadlooms, our special textile backing finish always ensures cohesion. Always. For both tufted and woven carpets.

Acoustically effective

SonicWave® – Turning down the volume for optimal room acoustics

Our textile floor coverings already possess very good acoustic properties. The SonicWave® Back significantly takes this to the next level. Thanks to the high-density acoustic fleece. Compared to a standard backing, this achieves 4-5 times higher sound absorption and significantly better impact sound insulation.

For tiles and broadlooms. Tested in accordance with EN ISO 717-2, EN ISO 10140-3 and EN ISO 354.

Remarkable walking comfort

Comfort fleecemore comfort for more support

Particularly springy, non-slip and easy on the joints: This is what sets our comfort fleece apart. As well as its soft surface. Together, this not only ensures surefootedness – it also prevents wheelchairs and walkers from drifting sideways.

Sustainable solutions

UnitBackSustainable for the long term

Developed for high-frequency areas, the odor-neutral UnitBack backing not only ensures a longer service life for the textile floor covering, but also greater sustainability. Among other things, it is latex-, bitumen- and PVC-free.

System EcoPurely ecological

Our most sustainable polyolefin-based backing to date. Eco System is bitumen and PVC-free and consists of at least 75 percent recycled materials. This protects the environment and conserves resources – and is fully recyclable.
Only available for certain collections.

EVA-Back – Standard for the environment

Odorless and free of latex, bitumen and PVC, the EVA Back backing offers the usual high level of acoustic comfort and safety – only more environmentally friendly.

SW800 ecoSustainable room acoustics

Impact sound insulation, sound absorption and with a fully recyclable polyolefin base – our SW800 eco backing is not only as acoustically effective as all our solutions from the SonicWave family, it’s also environmentally friendly. This is ensured by its minimum recycled content of 60 percent.
Only available for certain collections.

Special solution for rugs

Anti-slipWith safety and stability

Say goodbye to unwanted shifting – with our special tile backing, rugs stay where they should, thanks to its rubber studs of the anti-slip coating that hold it firmly in place. An additional layer between the upper material and the nubs also ensures better lying characteristics – and increases walking comfort. And for even more pleasure and well-being, the backing is free from plasticizers, DEHP or other harmful substances.

Special developments

Magnetic tile – Attractively simple for a permanent hold

Quick and easy to lay, adheres well without slipping, and is easy to pick up. That’s true for all our magnetic tiles. Plus: they’re environmentally friendly. After all, they’re free of chemicals, PVC and bitumen – and thanks to their magnetic forces, they don't need any adhesives at all. These hold the tiles firmly to the prepared floor. But only to the extent that the supply shafts and substrate are easily accessible. Plus, the magnetic tile can be easily replaced if necessary.
Can only be used on special substrates. Tile size: 60 × 60 cm.

Fresh air/climatic carpet

EVA climatic tile – Great for the climate

Designed to make creative interior designs easy, even with displacement ventilation, the EVA climatic tile perfectly conceals the porous flooring system. And does so without compromising functionality. And since it’s bitumen and PVC-free, it’s also sustainable. The result: Fresh air and design throughout the room.

SonicWave climatic tile – Airy quiet

Pleasantly evenly ventilated rooms without drafts, sound, or noise. Instead: Freshness. In the design and in the air. With our acoustically effective SonicWave climatic tile, rooms with displacement air systems can all that – plus optimum room acoustics. Naturally environmentally friendly and sustainable.

FluidStop – Fluids don’t stand a chance

Reliable protection against moisture and damp – but isn’t that impossible with textile floor coverings? Not at all! Thanks to the ingenious FluidStop coating. As a result, carpets have a backing construction that gives fluids no chance of getting through. Odorless and completely impermeable.

Tested safety

All our carpets and their backings are CE-marked and comply with the EN 14041, EN 1307 and EN 13501-1 standards. That’s a matter of course for us.

And because we’re really thorough, our textile floor coverings also have other certifications and approvals, such as from GUT or Prodis. EPDs are of course also available. And we don’t use any substances that are considered potentially hazardous to health under REACH. But because that's still not enough for us, we also test our displacement air solutions on metal ventilation panels. Does that seem like too much of a good thing? We don't think so. Safety for our users is important to us.