for the ears


Optimum room quality doesn’t only rest upon form and color, design and furnishings.

The acoustic environment is also important. After all, things are more pleasant when it’s quiet. Our solution for a truly undisturbed and pleasant atmosphere: acoustically effective carpets.

Textile floor covering naturally suppresses noise in an effective manner. And that is important—both in general as well as for open-concept office spaces in particular. Because let’s face it, who likes to work or live somewhere that’s surrounded by constant noise?

How convenient then that our carpets are furnished with an acoustically effective back coating, thereby leading to noticeably better room acoustics, well-being, and comfort. Without any extra effort. Thereby creating a serene and tranquil setting for your spirit and mind, for focusing and being creative.


Less Noise Equals More Quiet


Flat 07, color 800

Thanks to its superb sound absorption properties, carpet already makes an excellent flooring option in terms of acoustics.

But that’s not enough for us – as some environments just need more. Or less in this case. In order to create the best acoustic conditions.

That’s why we’re always improving the functionality – and acoustic properties – of our carpets. For impactful havens of peace in everyday settings. After all, the world is already loud enough.

Silence in the ROOM

Spacious office concepts and smooth surfaces look sleek – but are quite a drawback when it comes to acoustics. As they cause noise and sound to be reflected more strongly, spreading the reverberation effect throughout the open space. Things can get quite loud – and annoying. But it shouldn’t be this way.


In order to reduce or even prevent disruptive sound environments, it’s worth it to look down. At the floor. It is, after all, one of the largest areas in the room – and thus the most effective option to have a positive impact on the architectural acoustics. The degree to which the right choice of flooring can influence the quality of acoustics in a room is frequently underestimated. Flooring doesn’t only add to the ambiance. It also determines what sounds do in a room and how they develop. Rooms can thus be much quieter and comfier with the right floor design. And the best degree of acoustic comfort can be guaranteed here by the textile floor covering.

How does it do that? Quite simply: the textile floor covering minimizes stress, ensures peace and concentration, and fosters productivity and creativity in doing so. It may sound strange at first, but that’s the way it is. Overall noise levels and background noise are reduced because the carpet absorbs sound waves and dampens light sounds. With proven results. Our textile floor covering can do this very effectively for impact noises and speech frequencies: Noises created by walking or moving furniture, such as reverberations or echoes, are virtually absorbed up by the textile floor covering. And have no chance of spreading any further thanks to the functional properties of the pile and back coating.

The noise level can be quite substantial, especially in large spaces. Namely, because the larger the room, the longer the reverberation time. Sound absorbers can reduce this time, however. Carpet is thus primarily effective against high and mid-range frequencies – the mean noise level in offices and public buildings. 

This means: up to 90 percent less acoustic energy and an impact sound reduced by 22 – 31 dB. Now, that’s some really low noise.


less sound energy

22 – 32 dB

Less impact sound

Loud and Clear


Open-plan offices, workspaces with a loft design, open-concept lobbies and hotel bars: The epitomes of highly communicative interior design. 

Yet they also produce more noise in the immediate surroundings. Phone calls, discussions, footsteps, and other background noises can be heard by everyone – all at once. But not just that: Important conversations and clear words are difficult to understand. Textile floor covering, however, stops reverberations and echoes. And this is quite nice.

But it can get even better than this: In settings where clear and distinct communication is vital, our carpets can make speech even easier to understand. Making them – especially those with an acoustically effective back coating – rather crucial. Because having quiet is better – and less is more.

A Place to Feel Good

Babbling voices, disruptive noises, a loud environment in general: If you’re not well prepared for all this, you’ll become stressed, lose focus, and experience a drop in cognitive performance. It’s then nearly impossible to take a break and relax to recharge your batteries for the next project or upcoming task. Loud sounds are unpleasant over the long run. In other words: The quieter, the cozier, and more relaxed the atmosphere, the happier, more productive, and more creative we are. Reason enough to use textile floor coverings for your floor design. For a quieter environment and greater concentration. And an ambience that lets you work and live.