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Hygiene, as well as an inviting and pleasant interior design, is important in the healthcare and nursing sector. The unique option that brings both together: our hygienic carpeting.

The special textile floor covering doesn’t only ensure demands on cleanliness and immaculate conditions are met. It also enhances the room atmosphere and comfort level of users. After all, who likes being in a merely functional and sterile space?

How fortunate that our hygienic carpets provide a greater level of comfort and better room quality in seemingly austere facilities. In order to unite comfort with hygiene – and make a noticeable difference.


When dirt
  has no chance …


AERA, Color 507

Hygiene Is When Dirt Doesn’t Stand a Chance of Being Left Behind

Textile floor covering tangibly improves the way we perceive a space – and is easy to clean in most cases. An effortless effort when it comes to dust and dirt. And, in our opinion, that’s the way it should be for wet and damp conditions too. In order to really make it easier to care for them.

To create a floor covering with a pleasant atmosphere, where not only dirt and stains can be easily removed, but liquids also have no chance of making their way into the floor screed – we developed our hygienic carpets to do all these things. So that functionality and comfort work in concert. For a pleasantly clean synergy.

Clean Comfort


Spaces where the focus is placed on the comfort and health of occupants require special attention. 

Because whether you are going to see the doctor or switching nursing home: This is already hard enough as it is for many patients. Meaning it’s all the more important that the ambience exudes a feeling of warmth and comfort in the facilities. The reality, however, usually looks very different. After all, the goal is to facilitate the efficiently planned workday of staff. No wonder then that these environments are furnished to be a little more practical.

But there are also other options. With our hygienic carpeting. Because they are a lovely alternative to the otherwise common sterile surfaces and interior elements. Non-slip, soft, insulating, and completely waterproof, they provide for clean conditions and a cozy and warm room atmosphere alike. For comfort and a soothing recovery. And thus for functional environments with an unprecedented level of comfort.

Easy to Clean


AERA CUT, Color 303

Undesired (wet) substances tend to soak in quickly. 

Removing them from the pile requires extensive and time-consuming cleaning. That’s not so with our hygienic carpeting: Dirt and fluids remain on the surface and have no way of reaching the subfloor. The layers of carpet are especially leak-tight to make sure of this. Nothing gets through – and dirt, moisture, and unpleasant odors can be neutralized permanently. A rather clean affair.

Twice as Good Together

Our hygienic carpeting isn’t only leakproof: It also keeps its appearance. Thanks to the Solution Dyed fiber material. That makes it extremely robust and durable. Against daily vacuuming as well as more complex cleaning measures. Bleach and disinfectants as well as annual PAD cleaning represent no problem for the chlorine-resistant threads. The colors do not fade and neither does the quality of the interior design. For more comfort in demanding living and working environments.