Of Action

HATEMA BLUR 00100-981

„The right colour can transform a room from dull to inspiring.“ (Donald A. Gardner)

Fundamental Factor


AERA, Color 104 

There is hardly anything else that we come into contact with as often on a daily basis as we do the floor.

Therefore, it is only logical that its design should play a greater role in designing working and living spaces.

Because, after all: From dark to light, from cool to warm, and from soft to hard, the possibilities for flooring are endless. And just as many ways to change the look of the room.

However, we find that carpeting is much more comfortable in itself. That is why we have so many. But above all because of their different impact. To improve creativity, concentration, and productivity.

Sophisticated Influence


HATEMA BLUR 00100-585

The colour, texture and material of textile flooring have a significant impact on how we perceive a room. These factors can influence our perception just as much as the room’s proportions, lighting conditions, temperature and acoustics. They all have an impact on our enjoyment of the time we spend in them.

It is therefore essential to have a well thought-out interior design that meets the needs of the users. To increase communication, productivity and well-being. And carpeting not only muffles background noise, it also creates a pleasant indoor environment. It is also extremely versatile when it comes to design. After all, there are loop pile and cut pile, tufted and woven fabrics for a reason: The appearance of textile floor coverings is just as varied as the effects they can have. This is especially true when it comes to colour and design.

Multifaceted Effect


HATEMA KNIT, Color 413

Colours have an impact.

On us and the room. They affect mood and atmosphere, and can even enhance concentration and creativity, or provide relaxation. But carpet colour doesn't just affect well-being and motivation. It can also highlight architectural details and visually enlarge or reduce spaces. As well as improve orientation within a room.

Bright, vibrant colours, for example, promote energy and liveliness, whereas soft, pastel tones have a calming effect. They can also make a room feel wider and brighter than it is. This is because they reflect light, creating a more open and airy feel. However, dark carpets in charcoal or dark gray create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

Even if their effect on rooms is complex and dependent on many factors, such as culture and personal preferences: Textile floor coverings have a significant impact. – And, fortunately, we have the right solution for every desired effect.