Overview ANKER



Anyone who clings on to the past will be ill-equipped to welcome what’s to come. We at ANKER, however, want to help shape the future and blaze a trail when it comes to innovation, sustainability, and design. Not just for the sake of short-term success, but permanently.



Ecology, recycling and environmental compatibility are important components of our corporate strategy. After all, our goal is to produce our textile floor coverings in the most resource-efficient and socially responsible way possible. This is what drives us – every single day. For more sustainability.


Locations and Subsidiaries

At lo­cations in Europe, Asia, and North America. So that you can reach us from just about anywhere.


Quality and Certificates

Quality and certificates can exist independently of each other—but they make more sense in combination. Together they provide security, guarantee comfort and offer certainty, with proven results.


About Us

All living and working spaces perfectly designed – who wouldn’t want that?



A lot has happened in over 170 years of company history: A wide variety of changes, setbacks, advances, innovations, and milestones.


Social Engagement

The fact that we integrate social responsibility into our corporate activities is more than just a theoretical guiding principle for us. At ANKER, it is a natural course of action that we have always followed—and we continue to do so today.


Career and Job Board

Carpeting is our everything – at least professionally. We share this passion with like-minded people to achieve the best possible results. Discover our career opportunities and job vacancies.


Exhibitions and Events

We are ANKER – trend-setting and long-established

We are proof that innovation and tradition do not have to contradict each other. That’s because our company has been around for over 170 years. It’s a really long time, true, but it's also something we're very proud of. After all, we achieved quite a lot in that time – historically, socially, ecologically and qualitatively.

And it would be a shame if that weren't the case. Because then our resource-saving Econyl® yarn might not be a thing, and there might be fewer sustainable and high-quality carpets. The natural habitat we created might be filled with buildings and other structures, and the commitment to the blind (in our region) might also be lower. The GUT-Prodis or Domotex quality standards might not exist in their current form either.

And our employees might not have been able to think outside the box and advance new developments, create classic design or collaborate with external partners to develop innovations and design studies for the aviation industry.

It’s therefore a good thing that we’ve remained forward-looking over the years, almost as a tradition.