with every fiber


Tested fibers and threads

Reliable from the ground up

Quality and certificates can exist independently of each other – but they make more sense in combination. Together they provide security, guarantee comfort and offer certainty, with proven results. Our textile floorings are no different and therefore have both.
Extremely durable, hard-wearing and colorfast – it’s not by chance that our carpets have high quality and much more besides. We are working hard to achieve this aim: Every single one of our textile floorings undergoes all official and required tests and inspections, as well as many other internal suitability tests in our in-house laboratory. From the yarn to the finished carpet.


Monitored down
  to the smallest detail


Any fabric defect, material weakness or similar issue is a serious matter at ANKER

In such a way that we are not merely looking for a short-term solution. We go right back to the source – to the yarn spool, the coating and the dyeing process. We check everything thoroughly and for as long as it takes until the defects are rectified. Permanently.
We take quality control into our own hands and inspect it ourselves. Literally. To make sure that our textile floorings meet the high legal and regulatory standards, our weavers pay attention to the resulting product during production. And since four eyes are known to be better than two, our textile inspectors look over every single carpet again in a final inspection, checking the tuft density and height, dyeing results and pattern. Our textile floorings do not leave the factory until there is nothing left to complain about.

Proven to be safe


The excellent product quality of our textile floorings is not only visual or tactile, but also functional:

High-quality materials, technically sophisticated designs and processes create the unique properties of our carpets. In the process, we naturally only use approved and safe components and materials from certified suppliers.
In order for our customers and the users of our textile floorings to be able to rest assured, our carpets are certified according to EN 9100 and EN ISO 9001, as well as fulfilling the EN 14041 standard. As a result, they comply with all relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. This is not only good – the GUT label, the corresponding CE marking and the PRODIS product passport with FCSS information also attest to this compliance. Because all our textile floorings have these quality verifications.



Because certified quality is important to us, we are committed to it.

We co-founded GUT – Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichboden e.V. – back in 1990 with the intent of establishing standards in the industry and introducing regular product testing based on strict criteria. Since 2023, we have also been a listed member of the cradle to cradle products innovation institute in order to promote the recyclability of our carpets. We are also a member of the ECRA (European Carpet & Rug Association), of course. Together with other manufacturers, we are looking ahead to the future of carpets.