Harmonious and original. With rhythmic design - and a feel-good character.

Story HAPTURA – Tufted carpet as tile

Nature shows us what is possible, what we can achieve. By combining structure and creativity. And not only varied, but also balanced. As a role model and motivation. Bringer of ideas and let your thoughts wander.

Inspired by the different shapes, colors and patterns of nature – that is HAPTURA: running into each other, delimiting, changeable and yet forming a unit. Harmonious and original. And with its own inherent, rhythmically flowing design. There are 22 variations. Unique interior designs – natural, creative and feel-good.


Special features


Rüdiger Felder
Product development, design and marketing

Our HAPTURA carpet stands out for its very special properties!

ECONYL®-regenerated Nylon – durable and colourfast

The eco-friendly ECONYL® fibre consists of 100% recycled raw materials and is produced using the solution-dyed process – colourfast through and through.

SolutionDyed – colourfast through and through.

  • spinneret-dyed already during yarn production
  • outstanding cleaning properties
  • resistant to UV radiation and yellowing
  • environmentally friendly due to significant savings of fresh water, waste water, energy and CO2