Refined and elegant in design. For discreet rooms full of impact.

Story HATEMA – Tufted carpet as plank

This evolution from simplicity to complexity reveals some entrancing effects. Opening our eyes to possibilities of transformation and transformability. Letting us emerge from the shadows into the light, move forwards, set the tone, and make a statement.

Soft transitions with rhythmic and linear movements. A clearly visible change that doesn’t hide its light under a bushel and irresistibly draws attention to itself. Self-confident yet discreet and reserved – that’s HATEMA. And yet, the five different designs don’t just do their own thing, amazing though it is. They also build on one another and are flexibly interchangeable. Allowing the widest imaginable range of combinations. Enriching living spaces with depth and dimension, subtle refinement, and simple elegance.

With many possible variations, these tufted loop-pile carpet planks are your key to unlocking fascinating room designs. Calm, dynamic, expressive – and everything in between.


Special features


Ines Binder
Product development and design

Our HATÉMA carpet stands out for its very special properties!

SOLUTION DYED – colourfast through and through.

  • spinneret-dyed already during yarn production
  • outstanding cleaning properties
  • resistant to UV radiation and yellowing
  • environmentally friendly due to significant savings of fresh water, waste water, energy and CO2