Expressive rooms, as straightforward and symmetrical as they are purist and minimalist.

Story TAURUS – Woven carpet as broadloom

It’s variety that really brings a life to life. With its ups and downs. Its peaks and troughs. But also with its quiet phases, in which everything seems to follow its usual course in an orderly manner.

TAURUS thrives on these opposites. Linear, symmetrical and almost architectural, as is the case with TAURUS Kontur, with its excitingly dynamic surface, characterised by alternating high and low structures. Or purist/minimalist, as with TAURUS RIPS, in which the linear alignment of the knops ensures that the surface has a calmingly coherent appearance. The carpet, woven using the Wilton rod technique, is available in a monochrome or multicoloured unpatterned roll, not only in two different loop piles, but also in different colour variations.


Special features


Armin Schmitz
Head of ANKER weaving

Our TAURUS carpet stands out for its very special properties!

SolutionDyed – colourfast through and through.

  • spinneret-dyed already during yarn production
  • outstanding cleaning properties
  • resistant to UV radiation and yellowing
  • environmentally friendly due to significant savings of fresh water, waste water, energy and CO2

SonicWave® BACK – invisible peacemaker for optimal room acoustics in modern working environments.
The already excellent acoustic properties of ANKER carpets can be significantly improved with SonicWave®. This is done with a highly compacted acoustic fleece that achieves a 4-5 times higher sound absorption and significantly better impact sound insulation compared to a normal carpet back.